•  Tennis
    Location: JRC Ispra Club House - 7 courts
    Setup: ‘united cup’ style tournament with male single, female single and mixed double tournament. 8 teams playing, matches at 6 (or 9) games
    Day 1: Teams are split in two groups with a round robin format
    Day 2: Semifinals and finals
  • Table Tennis
    Location: Angera Dante Alighieri School
    Setup: split in 2 tournaments, hobby and active, involving ca. 8 teams per tournament. The tournament will be played in one group in a round robin format for each hobby and active.
    Day 1: group phase
    Day 2: group phase
  • Basket Ball
    Location: Palacampus Facility (Via Luigi Pirandello 31, 21100 Varese) and at Varese Robur et Fides Sporthall.
    Setup: 10 registered teams will be split in 2 round robins
    Day 1: Round robins.
    Day 2: Playoffs: semi-finals, final and placement matches.
  • Badminton
    Location: JRC Ispra Club House Multipurpose Sporthall - 4 courts
    Setup: With currently 8 teams the tournament is planned as a round robin tournament with each team participating in each round using one court per match.
    We plan to play 4 matches on the Saturday and 3 matches on the Sunday. N.B. alternatively, we are open to suggestions as to modification of this format, with the agreement of all participants, for example by forming two separate pools of 4 teams, which would reduce the number of matches on Saturday to 3 followed by two ranked pools on Sunday, with again 3 matches to complete the final ranking.
  • Beach volleyball
    Location: Laveno Parco Gaggetto Via Miralago beach volley courts
    Setup: Teams play 4 against 4; 2 men and 2 women always playing; Each team can have up to 2 substitute players; Delegations with insufficient number of players can merge among them or liaise with delegations with players in excess, to form a team.
    With 12 teams (maximum number allowed) the tournament will consist of: 
    Day 1: two round-robin groups
    Day 2: play-offs
    The formula could be modified based on the final number of teams, with the aim of maximising the number of matches played by each team (and the fun!).
  • Pétanque
    Location: Angera Lakeside, Piazza Garibaldi, in front of the City HallImbarcadero, Piazzale della Vittoria (close to the "Arona embarcadero")
    Day 1: all 8 groups games from  9:00 to 17:00 without time limits
    Day 2: classification and final games (semi-finals and finals) from 9:00 until 16:00
    In case of bad weather in one of the days, we will try to put all the games on the same day by increasing the number of fields and limiting the time of the group games. 
  • Chess
    Location: JRC Ispra Club House
    Setup: FIDE rules will be followed and official referee will be present.
    Day 1: Rapid (Semilampo)
    Day 2: Bliz (Lampo)
  • Small field women's soccer
    Location: JRC Ispra Club House (brand new astro-turf surface pitch)
    Setup: round robin with 5 teams
    European School team might be invited as guest team. Medals will be assigned through play-offs.

  • Trail run
    Day 2: (Ispra-Ranco-Angera) panoramic trail running route of 17.18 km starting in Ispra that extends to Angera crossing the Quassa park where it reaches the maximum height difference of 446 meters on the San Quirico hill. Participants will largely run along Lake Maggiore and enjoy one of the most beautiful routes in the area.
  • Hike (leisure)
    The hiking experience will bring people on our nearby mountains to enjoy the great views of our lakes district.
    Day 1: we climb the Pizzoni di Laveno (1035 m), which offer a magnificent panorama over Lake Maggiore and the mountains on the western shore.
    Day 2: we climb Monte Martica (1032 m) and Monte Chiusarella (913 m), where we can also see some remnants of the historic Linea Cadorna and enjoy the views of the lakes around Varese.