1. Area of Validity

Tournaments regulated by these rules are named:

" International Golf Tournament of European Research Institutes " (IGEF)

In the year of an ATOMIADE such a tournament is carried out within the ATOMIADE and is named the same. The tournaments are numbered consecutively.

2. Participation

For the participation at these golf tournaments see chapter A 9 of the Vademecum.

Participants have to present the official golf handicap certificate with the valid information of the handicap. Any change during the playing season has to be reported. The maximum HCP is 36.0.

A team consists of 4 players.

Depending on the possibilities of the organisation, several teams per centre can be entered.

The participation of single players is possible. The organisers reserve the right to mix individual players to form a mixed team.

3. Tournament Rules

The official rules of the R & A Golf Association are valid.

The respective local course rules of the club where  the tournament  is organised must be followed. Special arrangements have to be considered (e.g. temporary water etc.)

4. Game Modus

The golf tournament is played over 2 days. The maximum playing handicap on both days is 36.0.

First day: Single Stableford competition against Par. Four players from different centres in each start.
Second day: 4 ball best ball (Stableford). Two players from centre A with two players from centre B in each start.

5. Evaluation (Net scores)

Team evaluation
For the team evaluation the total results for both separate days count.

Single evaluation
For the single evaluation the total results for both separate days count.
Participants, who do not play in a team, are only considered as individuals.