18th IFKEF 2010

11 football teams from 8 countries came to the 18th Football Small Field Tournament of the European Research Institutes (IFKEF) which was organised by JRC - Karlsruhe (D) under the leadership of Bert Cremer. The tournament spent two days (September 18 - 19, 2010) at gras fields in Bellheim. Two centres built a common team, and with this there were 10 football teams in the tournament.

At the first day there were built 2 groups of 5 teams each. In the preliminary round this five teams of each group played against each other. At the second day the first two of each group and the last three of each group played against each other.

Final result

Institutes Country
1. Belgoprocess - Dessel Belgium Belgium
2. UJV - Rez Czech Republic Czech Republic
3. KFKI - Budapest Hungary Hungary
4. MEPhI - Moscow Russia Russia
5. PSI - Villigen (Fair Play Cup) Switzerland Switzerland
6. JRC - Ispra Italy Italy
7. JRC - Karlsruhe Germany Germany
8. FS - Rossendorf Germany Germany
9. JRC - Petten / JRC - Geel Germany Germany
10. KIT - Karlsruhe Germany Germany