40th IFEF 2011

CEA - Cadarache has invited all ASCERI teams to the 40th Football Tournament of the European Research Institutes (IFEF).

160 persons have participated at this tournament: teams of 8 Research Institutes out of 5 countries. It was carried out on 2 gras field pitches at the Centre Regain near Sainte Tulle, not far from Marseille, at 2nd and 3rd of June 2011. Due to the rain during the whole first day some teams had to change onto the pitch of Cadarache, because one of the pitches in Sainte Tulle took in so many water that the pitch could be compared with a swimming pool.

Final result

Institutes Country
1. MEPhI - Moscow Russia Russia
2. CEA - Cadarache France France
3. PSI - Villigen Switzerland Switzerland
4. JRC - Karlsruhe Germany Germany
5. CEA - Saclay France France
6. UJV - Rez Czech Republic Czech Republic
7. CEA ST - Grenoble France France
8. AREVA TA (Fair Play Cup) France France