1. Area of Validity

Tournaments regulated by these rules are the basketball tournaments of an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation in a basketball tournament see chapter A 9 of the Vademecum.

3. Registration

A maximum 12 active male or female basketball players can participate in a competition.

4. Sports Clothing

Each team has to bring two sets of sports clothing, the tricots have to be brought by the teams themselves and must be numbered.

The team which is listed first in the programme has to change colour in case of matching shirts.

5. Tournament Rules

The tournament is played in accordance with the international basketball rules.

Generally the playing time is 4 times 10 minutes. An offence must be finished after 24 seconds (24 seconds rule).

A player is excluded from the game after 5 personal fouls.

Where the playing time is reduced by the organiser, the allowed number of fouls per player will be reduced proportionally.

Every time a game is interrupted, the game clock should be stopped.

Balls for the tournaments, complying with the international rules of basketball, are provided by the organiser

6. Grouping

The programme and the division into groups will be determined by the organiser. 

All teams are assigned to the groups by drawing lots.

7. Group Placing

"Round-Robin" System

a)  Classification by Points
The points system must be made according to the international basketball rules. The winning team within one group is the team with the highest number of points.
b)  Direct Comparison
If two or more teams still have the same number of points the result of the game between the tied teams will decide the winner.
c)  Difference in Baskets
If there is still a tie between several teams the positive difference of baskets from all games against all teams determines the group placing.

8. Conceded Matches

If a team concedes a game or does not appear within the preliminary round, the game is regarded as having been lost by 0:2 points and 0:20 basket points.

If a team withdraws from the competition during the tournament, then all their scores are removed from the points table.

9. Referees and Game officials

The organiser provides the referees. For every game two referees should be appointed.

In addition, game officials should be provided, including an official scorer, and two trained timers. One timer will operate the game clock and the other will operate the 24-second clock. If necessary, these duties could also be taken up by members of the participating teams. The allocation is made by the organiser.

10. Suspension of players

A player that is suspended by decision of the referee is automatically excluded for the next game. A player that is suspended for a second time is excluded from participation of the whole tournament.

11. Amendments

Before the beginning of a tournament, additional points, which are not included in these tournament rules, can only be introduced by a 2/3 majority of the participating teams. They are to be delivered in writing to the participating teams by the organiser prior to the first game.