1. Area of Validity

Cycling oompetitions regulated by these rules are those of an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation in competitions of an ATOMIADE see chapter A 9 of this Vademecum. 

3. Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.

4. Permitted Material

The material has to be in accordance with the current rules of the IUC (European Cycling Association).

It is mandatory for all participants to wear helmets.

5. Sports Disciplines

According to the facilities available, one or more disciplines can be offered by the organiser.

Type of competitions:
  1. Criterium: ca. 30 km
  2. Street - Single: ca. 80 km
  3. Mountain bike: according to the street profile up to 30 km
  4. Biathlon: ca. 3 / 30 / 3 km
  5. Individual Time Trial: ca. 30 km

6. Requirements of the Competition Route

  1. Criterion
    - hard surface circular route of minimum 1 km length (possibly asphalt)
    - completely fenced off route from traffic
    - a minimum of 3 small evaluations and one main evaluation have to be completed
           small evaluation: 5 - 3 - 1 scores
           main evaluation: 10 to 1 scores
  2. Street - Single
    - If possible one-way traffic on the competition route for the public traffic
    - A leading car has to be available
    - Complete closing for the finishing straight
  3. Mountain bike
    - The starting straight has to be selected according to the number of competitors.
  4. Biathlon
    - The change area should have a hard and clean surface
    - If possible one-way traffic on the competition route for the public traffic
    - The competitor is not allowed to accept outside help
  5. Individual Time Trial
    - Preferably asphalt route
    - The route should be on level ground
    - Start and finish should be next to each other
    - The route should preferably have only one turning mark
    - The route should be completely closed to public traffic

7. Disputes and Protests

The jury, named by the organiser, decides in case of competition infringements and protests according to the regulations of the European Cycling Association.