1. Area of Validity

Competitions in rifle shooting regulated by these rules are those of an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation in rifle shooting competitions at an ATOMIADE see  chapter A 9 of the Vademecum.

3. Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.

4. Competition Evaluation

There is an individual as well as a team evaluation.  Female and male participants are evaluated seperately.

The individual evaluation is divided into age categories. The team evaluation has no age classification.

A team consists of three competitors to be named to the organiser prior to the competition.

5. Tournament Rules

Depending on the facilities available to the organiser, competitions can be offered for

  • air rifle
  • miniature rifle
a) Air Rifle
  • The rifle can be any type of pressed air or gas rifle according to the specifications of the ISSF regulations, including the following restrictions:
    - calibre 4.5 mm
    - it is not allowed to use a double trigger
  • The distance to the target is 10 m.
  • 40 competition shots are fired within 75 minutes maximum including test shots, standing.
    One shot to every target
b) Miniature rifle, English Match
  • All rifles for rim fire 5,6 mm (calibre 22 LR) Long Rifle cartridges are allowed during the competition, including the following restrictions:
    - The weight of the weapon with all accessories must not exceed 8 kg for men or 6,5 kg for women
    - The shoulder strap has to be according to the ISSF regulations
    - The hook has to be according to the ISSF regulations
    - Front and rear sights have to be according to the ISSF regulations, any sight not containing a lens or system of lenses is permitted
    - Telescopic sights are not permitted
  • The distance to the target is 50 m.
  • 60 shots are fired, lying, 1 shot per target, maximum time of firing 90 minutes including test shots. The test firing has to be finished before the first competition shot.
  • It is not allowed to use a double trigger

6. Miscellaneous

  • The sports clothing has to be according to the ISSF regulations
  • The warm up shooting is 10 minutes before the competition starts
  • The commands will always be given in English and they are:
    "Start shooting"
    "Stop shooting"
  • If at the end of the competition two or more participants have equal score the following rules should be used for determining their places:
    – the highest score of the last ten shot series working backward by 10 shot series in full ring scoring until the equality is broken;
    – the highest number of 10’s, 9’s, 8’s etc
  • If at the end of the competition two or more participating teams have an equal score the situation must be decided by totalling the results of all members of each team and following the rules settled for case of individual participants.