1. Area of Validity

Archery competitions regulated by these rules are those of an ATOMIADE.

2. Regulations

The general regulations for such a competition are the regulations of the International Federation for Archery (F.I.T.A.)

3. Participation

For participation in archery competitions see chapter A 9 of this Vademecum.

4. Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.

5. Competition Evaluation

a)  Team Evaluation

A team consists of 3 archers with at least one female archer, all age categories and types of bows are mixed. The total points of the archers shooting bows without sights, are multiplied by the factor 1.2. The total points of the third male archer in a team which enters without a female participant, are multiplied by the factor 0.9.

b)  Individual Evaluation (female and male separately)

The individual evaluation is separated into age categories and types of bows (classic bows and compound bows are separated from bows without sights).

6. Realisation of the Tournament

2 X 72 arrows through 2 days

Proceeding of the first day

  • 6 x 6 arrows over a distance of 50 m on a card with 80 cm diameter for every type of bow
  • 6 x 6 arrows over a distance of 30 m on a card with a diameter of 80 cm for classical bows and on a card with a diameter of  60 cm for compound bows

For compound bows with a distance of  30 m, 2 cards with a diameter of 60 cm are to be fastened onto a target.

The cumulative score of both days is considered as a final result.

Proceeding of the second day

See proceeding of the first day

Test shots

2 x 3 arrows at the beginning of every 50 m distance also starting at 30 m distance.


The warm-up period of 45 minutes is permitted and must end 15 minutes before the start of the competition. The warm-up takes place at a distance away from the competition.

Shooting Time

The archers have 4 minutes to shoot 6 arrows.


Four archers share one target. Two archers shoot simultaneously in rotation as follows:
AB - CD  ,  CD - AB  ,  AB - CD  ,  etc.

Signal Lights

If using signal lights for the competitions, the signals indicate the following:

  • Red: It is not allowed to shoot
  • Green: Start shooting
  • Yellow: There are 30 more seconds for the remaining shots
  • Red: Time is over, no more shooting is permitted.

Recommended is a screen counting time in seconds from 0 to 240. The screen should be well visible for all archers.

If an archer shoots his/her last arrow after the end of the permitted shooting time, the best shot of the series is subtracted.