1. Area of Validity

The tournaments regulated by this game order are the chess tournaments within an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation at these chess tournaments see chapter A 9 of this Vademecum.

3. Tournament Rules

The tournaments are played in accordance with the rules of the "Fast Chess Rules" of the FIDE.

A tournament is to be carried out in a round modus or according to the Swiss System, if there are too many players.

For each game, each player has at least 20 minutes time of consideration.

4. Individual Classification

The "Sonneborn-Berger" evaluation is decisive in all tournaments, the "Fortschritts-Buchholz-Wertung" is decisive in tournaments played according to the Swiss System.

In the case of an equal score, the direct comparison is decisive.

If the direct comparison ends with an equal score level, one or several decisive games are to be played.

5. Team Evaluation

The 4 best players of each team enter the team evaluation.

Should the number of participants be too small so that no decent result is to be obtained, three players of each team can be evaluated.