1. Area of Validity

Swimming competitions regulated by these regulations are those of an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation at the swimming competitions at an ATOMIADE see chapter A 9 of this Vademecum.

3. Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.

4. Sports Disciplines

The following disciplines are to be offered for the swimming competitions:

Individual Disciplines

Style 50m 100m 200m 400m
Breast stroke x x    
Free Style x x   x
Back Stroke x x    
Dolphin/Butterfly x x    
Medley*   x x  

* 100m Medley for 25m pool; 200m Medley in 50m pool

Female and male participants compete seperately.

If there are not enough participants to start in the same event of one age category, different age categories may start in the same competition, provided that the evaluation is separated in every age category.


4 x 50 m Medley

4 x 50 m Free Style

4 x 50 m Breast

These relays are to be carried out by mixed teams (women/men) without age categories and without age evaluation.

An union of swimmers of both sexes of different Research Institutes are permitted. These relays are not to be evaluated for team scoring.

5. Information

The participants have to be informed at least 4 weeks before the competition about the number and length of lanes in the swimming pool and about the water depth and water temperature.

6. Competition Rules

Only participants of the same age category should compete (except for the relays).