1. Participants

For participation in athletic competitions at an ATOMIADE see chapter A 9.

2. Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.

3. Competition Rules and Regulations

The current rules and regulations of the International Athletics Federation are to be applied.
It is mandatory for each participant to wear the registered start number visibly on the front of his/her tank top.
Use of personal equipment is not permitted.

4. Sports Disciplines

The organiser should offer, at the least the disciplines shown in the table below. Depending on available facilities, additional disciplines may be offered.

The explanations of the symbols in this table are:

  • Competition with age categories : x
  • Competition without age categories : o
100m X
400m X
800m X
1500m X
3000m X
5000m X






Shot put* X
Javelin throw** X
4x100m-relay O
Mixed-relay O


* For Shot put, the weight of the shot will be as follows :

  Age category A, B, C 7,26 kg
Men Age category D 6,00 kg
  Age category E 5,00 kg
Women Age category A, B, C 4,00 kg
  Age category D, E

3,00 kg

** For Javelin Throw, the weight of the javelin will be :

Men 800 g
Women  600 g

5. Regulations of Disciplines

a) Competitions mentioned in the above table start according to age category stated in item 2.

b) Depending on the number of participants for 100 m, qualifying heats will be run. Only the winners of the heats will participate in the final. The remaining available tracks will be utilised for the final by the next fastest runners from the heats.
For the remaining running competitions, the fastest runners of the heats compete in the final.

c) The mixed relay follows the sequence of 500 m, 400 m, 300 m, 200 m, and 100 m. Runners must be of both sexes.

d) Long jump, shot put, and javelin throw competitions consist of a trial and a final with three attempts each. The 8 "bests" by each age category of the trial will compete in the finals.
Trial results will be accepted for the final.

6. Three-event Competition's Evaluation

The three-event competition combines the individual disciplines in 100 m sprint, long jump and shot put. The following results are evaluated:

100m the time of the preliminary heat
Long jump the best jump of the trial
Shot put the best put of the trial

If there are no trials and finals within the competitions of Long jump or Shot put or after the trial no competitor is eliminated the results of all the 6 attempts of the current competition have to be evaluated.

The scores will be calculated using the following formula:

100m sprint Score = a ( b - M ) ^ c
Long jump and shot put Score = a ( M - b ) ^ c

M = recorded performance (sprint in seconds, jump in centimeters, shot in meters
a, b, c = constants (see table below)
^ = exponential function, i.e. the constant c is used as an exponent

Men 100m 25.4347 18 1.81
Long jump 0.14354 220 1.40
Shot put 51.39 1.5 1.05
Women 100m 17.857 21 1.81
Long jump 0.188807 210 1.41
Shot put 56.0211 1.5 1.05