1. Area of Vadility

Tournaments regulated by this game order are the indoor handball tournaments at an ATOMIADE.

2. Participation

For participation in indoor handball tournaments see chapter A 9 of this Vademecum.

Each Research Institute may enter only one team.

The number of participating teams will be determined by the facilities available to the organiser.

3. Registration

For each game 12 players (10 field players and 2 goal keepers) may be entered. A maximum of 7 players (6 field players and 1 goal keeper) are allowed on the field at the same time. A total of 15 players may participate in the tournament for each team. In the final, only those players who have also played in the preliminary round may be nominated.

4. Sports Clothing

All players must wear sports clothing and sports shoes with light-coloured soles. The sports clothing must be numbered and the numbers 1, 12, and 15 are reserved for the goal keepers. The team named first in the schedule must, if necessary, wear alternate colours and has the first throw.

5. Tournament Rules

The tournaments are played in accordance with the indoor handball rules. Each team has to have a playable ball. The tournament balls are provided by the organizer.

6. Grouping

The method of play including the division into groups is determined by the organiser. All teams are assigned to the groups by drawing lots.

The participating teams are to be informed at least one month before the tournament about to the number of groups and the method of play in the preliminary and final round.

The duration of the games is determined by the number of registrations received and the selected method of play.

7. Group Placing

a) "Round Robin" method
If two teams finish with the same number of points, the goal difference determines the group placing. With equal difference in goals, the placing is determined by the higher number of goals scored.
If the schedule permits, 1st and 2nd places should be determined by a playoff match. If this match does not produce a winner, a 7-meter-penalty throw by 6 field players from each team is decisive. If this still does not lead to a decision, a 7-meter-penalty throw will establish a winner.
b) "Group" method
After the preliminary round, goal difference will decide the placing if teams having the same number of points, whereby the higher number of goals scored will decide. If this still does not lead to a decision, penalty throws will decide as described under 7a).
If the games of the final round end in a tie after the normal time they have to be extended by 2 x 5 minutes. If this does not produce a decision, penalty throws will decide as described under 7a).

8. Conceded Matches

If a team concedes a game or does not appear within 15 minutes from the scheduled start of the game in the preliminary round, the team will be excluded from the tournament and the games already played will be cancelled.

If a team concedes a game or does not appear within 15 minutes from the scheduled start of the game in the final round, the game will be regarded as having been lost by 2:0 points and goals.

9. Referees

The organiser will provide association referees. If possible, 2 referees should be allocated for each game. The allocation is arranged by the organiser.

10. Suspension

Players who are ordered from the field by the referee because of breaching the rules are automatically suspended from the next game. If again ordered from the field, the player is suspended from the remaining games of the tournament.

11. Amendments

Additional points which are not included in these tournament rules can only be introduced by a 2/3 majority of the participating teams before the beginning of the tournament. They are to be delivered in writing to the participating teams by the organiser prior to the first game.