Area of Validity

In-line Skating competitions regulated by these rules are those of an ATOMIADE.


For participation in competitions of an ATOMIADE see chapter A 9 of the Vademecum.

Age Categories

The age categories listed in section B 1.3 of the Vademecum are valid for the classification and possible combination of age categories.


The material must be in accordance with the current rules of the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS), the Speed Technical Committee. Roller skates with 5 in-line wheels with a maximum diameter of 110 mm are allowed. (Skates with two sets of wheels may also be used) The skates may be equipped with a break.

The use of a helmet is mandatory.


According to the facilities available, one or more disciplines can be offered by the organiser. The races length/type must be announced by the organiser at the moment of the opening of registration for the Atomiade at the latest.

The organisers must provide a map of the course route prior to the competition.

Type of competitions:

300 m (sprint)

900 m

3000 m

10000 m


Remark: this competition will only be carried out if at least 3 racers are registered.

Requirements of the Competition Route

The track surface may be made of a material which is perfectly smooth and not slippery so that it does not compromise safety of skaters. The competition route for sprints of 300 m must not include a roundabout. The road course should be wide enough so that four skaters can start next to each other. If an irregularity of the race course cannot be repaired, it must be clearly signalled and marked on the road race map. Road race map must also indicate the road gradients. No downhill section of the competition route with a gradient > 5% can end in a roundabout or in a sharp turn. For safety reasons, the finish line area must be cordoned off in order to separate the skaters from the public.

If possible the competition route for sprints should be circular with a minimum length of 300m and completely cordoned off from traffic.


A relay team consists of 4 skaters. At least one of them should be female.

If a Research Institute enters more than 2 teams only teams one and two designated before the race are classified. Unclassified teams start last.

Relays formed from different Research Institutes are admissible as a matter of principle. However evaluation is only possible if the team is formed of at least three participants of the same Research Institute. If skater from one Institute participates in a mixed relay of another Institute an evaluation of this team will not be possible if this participant could have started in the team from his/her own Institute.

Timekeeping and Lap Counting

The organiser can use either manual or electronic timekeeping. Lap scoring must be clearly indicated on a scoreboard visible from the competition route.

Cancellation of Races

The organiser may postpone or cancel the races if bad weather or a slippery surface prevents the race from taking place.

Disputes and Protests

The jury, appointed by the organiser, presides over any competition infringements and protests according to the regulations of the Federation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS), the Speed Technical Committee.