Membership of ASCERI is open to all sports associations of European research institutes and is granted under the following conditions:

Applications for admission to ASCERI are to be addressed in writing to the President. The application must include the following information:

  • Name and address of the research institute
  • Information on research content of the research institute
  • Abbreviation of the research institute to be used at sports meetings
  • Kinds of sports offered within the sports community of the research institute
  • Number of members of the sports community
  • Name and address of the contact person(s)

By submission of the application form, the sports community/committee of the applying research institute acknowledges the rules, regulations and financial commitments set out in this Vademecum.

A 7.1 Confirmation of the Admission

Applications for membership are presented at the Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates. Admission will be decided by a simple majority vote.

A least one delegate of the applying research institute should be present at the Annual Conference in order to present his/her institute and to answer any additional questions from the Delegates. If for any reason this is not possible, a Delegate from another affiliated ASCERI institute may speak on the applicant’s behalf and present the institute.

In the case of acceptance, the representative(s) of the applying research institute are immediately entitled to vote.

Financial commitments (see A 4.2 and A 4.4) also come into effect immediately.

In the case of refusal the applicant will be informed of the decision by the President in writing; reasons will be given.

A 7.2 Termination of Membership

a) Withdrawal

A member can, at any time, declare its withdrawal from ASCERI.

The declaration of withdrawal is to be addressed in writing to the President.

b) Exclusion

A member can be suspended or permanently excluded from ASCERI for the following reasons:

  • The member infringes with gross negligence the rules and regulations of the Vademecum, thereby causing damage to material of others;
  • The member does not pay the membership fee in spite of being reminded twice;
  • The member it is not willing to contribute to the ASCERI despite several requests.
  • The member fails to pay the appropriate registration fees to an event organiser

The President may propose to suspend a member for any of the reasons stated above until the decision to permanently exclude the member is taken at the Annual Conference of ASCERI delegates by ¾ majority vote.

Members of ASCERI whose membership has been terminated either by withdrawal or by exclusion are not permitted to participate in ASCERI sports meetings.

Any financial obligations due to ASCERI remain in force and are to be settled without delay.