A 9.1 Participants

The ASCERI website lists the sports organisations and research institutes currently part of the Association. Only the members of these sports organisations and the staff of these research institutes are permitted to participate in sports meetings. Family members of the staff members of research institutes may also participate.

Sports organisations of research institutes or their employees, who are not part of ASCERI, may participate as guests in sports events at the discretion of the organiser. Their participation however takes place "out of competition" and they will not be considered in the evaluation."

A 9.2 Frequency of the Sports Meetings

Tournaments shall take place within a 3 year cycle.

A 9.3 Application for organising a Sports Event

A research institute wishing to organise one of the sports meetings listed in A 1 should present their candidature to the President or at the Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates.

A 9.4 Organisation of Sports Meetings

The following list represents a guideline for the organisers of sports meetings and should be taken into account when commencing the organisation of the sports meeting:

  • Name of the organising research institute
  • Place and date, the first and the last day of the sports meeting
  • Number of playing fields or places for the tournament
  • Conditions of the sporting places
  • Instructions of the composition of teams (number of participants per centre and per team, male, female or mixed) for sports with single competitions for the institute evaluation, if there are no regulations stipulated in the Vademecum
  • Maximum number of participating teams or players
  • Information on accommodation
  • Registration fee
  • Services included in the fee
  • First and last day of registration
  • Date of paying the pre-registration fee and the balance of the fee
  • Cancellation policy (A 9.4.1)
  • Arrangements for transporting the teams
  • Information on the expected number of kilometres for the buses to the tournament places
  • Fee for the bus driver
  • Insurance of the participants
  • Information about the tourist/leisure programme (if any) including dates, time, and costs
  • Details of the programme for all participants
  • Water to be provided for all sports

A 9.4.1 Cancellation policy

It is advised to establish a cancellation policy in order to safeguard the organising institute against financial losses which may be incurred due to cancellation by a participant when a financial commitment has been made on their part. This policy should be communicated in the official invitation.

The undernoted cancellation policy is intended as a guideline and may be adapted according to the requirements of the organising institute.

The charges apply to the registration fee and not to the hotel which will have its own cancellation policy.

  • More than 60 days before the event: 30% of the total amount
  • Between 59 and 30 days before the event: 50% of the total amount
  • Between 29 and 14 days before the event: 75% of the total amount
  • Less than 14 days or no presentation: 100% of the total amount

A 9.5 Oath of ASCERI

At all sports meetings the participants personally undertake to compete respectfully, fairly and in friendly competition with their opponents.

The oath is read by a participant, chosen by the organiser, immediately after the opening ceremony of the sports meeting.


Throughout our sports meetings we solemnly promise to show friendship and respect towards our opponents in accordance with our sporting and professional ethics. In honesty and sincerity we will serve our cause, understanding among nations.

A 9.6 Challenge Cups

A trophy (Challenge Cup) for exceptional performance may be awarded to an ASCERI research institute. A challenge cup becomes the property of the research institute if it is won either:

  • 3 times in a row
  • or 5 times in total

Sports meeting

Challenge cup awarded to:

Summer Atomiade/Summer Games

First ASCERI member in Atomiade evaluation

Winter Atomiade/Winter Games

First ASCERI member in Atomiade evaluation

Football tournament

First ASCERI member in tournament

Small field football tournament

First ASCERI member in tournament

Tennis tournament

First ASCERI member in tournament according to team evaluation rules


The current holders of the challenge cup are obliged to return the trophy to the sports meeting organisers on the occasion of the next similar tournament on time even if the holders of the trophy will not participate in the next tournament.

A 9.7 Mediation Panel

If during an ASCERI sports meeting violent conflicts occur between the participants within or outside the sports competitions, and the peaceful progress of the events can no longer be assured, a Mediation Panel will be appointed from the ranks of the Delegates. The organiser of the sports event is responsible for the selection. It includes:

  • the President or his/her representative
  • a representative of the organisation responsible for the sports meeting
  • 3 assessors

Several countries should be represented in this committee.

The members of the Mediation Panel elect a Chairman. Decisions are passed by a simple majority.

In case of serious violation, especially disputes or violent acts between the different teams or delegations, the Mediation Panel has the mandate to identify the culprits and to take measures to ensure the uninterrupted progress of the sports meeting.

Such measures can include the disqualification of the respective team(s) or delegation(s) from the sports meeting.

In case of disqualification the participants concerned will not receive a refund of expense.

If a disqualification from further participation at the event is decided, the Mediation Panel states whether the disqualified team(s) or delegation(s) may participate in subsequent sports events.

The Chairman of the Mediation Panel must inform, in writing, the concerned team(s) or delegation(s), the ASCERI President and the organiser of the next sports event about the disqualification and any further measures.