The meetings of the Delegates include:

  • Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates
  • General meeting of the team captains (at sports meetings)

All meetings will be conducted in English. The organisers of a sports meeting will ensure that, whenever necessary, adequate translation is provided.

Minutes are to be taken at the Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates by the Secretary. The minutes will be written in English. The minutes together with an attendance list are to be distributed by the Secretary to the Delegates of the ASCERI member institutes.

A 6.1 Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates

The Delegates are invited by the appointed conference co-ordinator.

A maximum of two Delegates per research institute are entitled to attend, however, there is only one vote. Delegates unable to be present may send a sports representative from their institute to replace them.

The meeting place is confirmed by the co-ordinator at the preceding annual conference.

Invitations to the Annual Conference must be sent out at least 6 weeks prior to the appointed date, and should include the registration deadline.

Items for the agenda are to be addressed to the President four weeks prior to the date of the conference. The preliminary agenda is distributed to the Delegates at least two weeks prior to this date by the Secretary.

The Annual Conference is chaired by the President or, in case of his/her absence by the Vice-President.

The President and Vice President are only entitled to vote if they are the sole delegate of their respective research institute.

Decisions are made by a simple majority of votes cast, unless otherwise stated in the individual passages of the Vademecum.

In case of an equal vote, the President has the casting vote. If the President abstains from voting, the vote is considered as “against” the motion.

New members are admitted by a simple majority of the votes cast.

Members can only be excluded by ¾ majority of the votes cast (see item A 7.2 b).

The Management Board may request dedicated committees to work on special tasks, the results of which are discussed and, if necessary, decided upon at the Annual Conference.

General problems arising at sports meetings as well as financial reports of the sports meetings are discussed and voted upon.

Deletions or modifications of the Vademecum and the rules and regulations for tournaments and competitions are discussed and decided upon. These amendments, deletions or modifications are to be sent to the participants in draft form together with the agenda two weeks prior to the date of the conference. The relevant Expert Committees should have the opportunity to discuss amendments before they are presented to the conference for consideration. This may be done by written procedure for practical reasons.

Income and expenses, together with a detailed financial report, is drawn up by the Treasurer and presented to the Financial Committee prior to the Annual Conference. The Treasurer also prepares a detailed forecast of income and expenditure for the following year in agreement with the Management Board. The financial status and forecast are presented, discussed and agreed upon by the Delegates.

The decisions agreed upon by the Delegates present at the Annual Conference are binding for all members of ASCERI.

At the Annual Conference preceding a summer ATOMIADE the election of the President, Vice President and Board members is included in the agenda (see A 6.3).

A 6.2 General Meetings of the Delegates

General meetings of the Delegates are held during the respective sports meetings. They are convened and chaired by the organiser of the sports meeting.

The purpose of these general meetings is to clarify any issues regarding the sports meeting.

However, on request of the Delegates, this meeting may define proposals and issues to be discussed further at an Annual Conference.

A general meeting of the Delegates can only pass decisions that concern the current sports meeting.

Decisions are made by a simple majority vote. In case of an equal vote this will be considered as “against” the motion.

Each research institute has one vote independent of the number of events they have registered for.

The President and other members of the Management Board are not eligible to vote unless he/she also represents a research institute as a Delegate.

A 6.3 Election of the ASCERI Management Board

The election of the ASCERI Management Board takes place during the Annual Conference of the ASCERI Delegates which precedes a summer ATOMIADE. This is placed as a special item on the agenda at the end of the meeting.

Candidatures for the Management Board positions will be requested by the President prior to the Annual Conference. The Delegates will be informed in advance of the names of the candidates for President, Vice President and Treasurer when known.

If only one candidature is received for the positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer, no election process will be required.

The organiser of the Annual Conference concerned will chair the elections.

Only those persons, or their substitutes, who are listed under Associated Institutes of the ASCERI Website are entitled to vote.

Each Research Institute represented at the Annual Conference has one vote. A Research Institute not represented at the Annual Conference may request a Delegate from another Research Institute to vote on their behalf. Written evidence must be provided.

The vote is carried out by secret ballot.

The Chairman will request a Delegate, who is not a candidate, to verify the result of the ballot and announce the name of the person elected. The count will not be announced, however, Delegates and candidates may individually verify the count on request.

The person receiving the majority of votes is elected President. In the case of an equal vote, a second secret ballot will be held.

The election of the Management Board takes place immediately after the election of the President using the same method and in the following order:

  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer

The candidates for the remaining Management Board positions will be voted upon using the voting cards directly after the nomination of President, Vice President and Treasurer.

The remaining tasks and duties for the Management Board will be allocated by the President in a separate meeting with the newly elected Management Board. These positions will be communicated to the Delegates before the closure of the Annual Conference.

The assumption of office takes place immediately and the changes are presented at the opening ceremony of the following summer ATOMIADE.

The mandate for the ASCERI Management Board is for a period of 3 years.