A 4.1 Financing Sports Meetings

Each organiser of a sports meeting must aim to keep the expenses for each participant as low as possible by choosing adequate accommodation and arranging the programme to enable as many athletes as possible to participate.

The costs resulting from the organisation and execution of sports meetings will be paid by the participants in form of a registration fee.

A pre-payment of €50 per person of the registration fee should be paid in advance to the organisers of a sports meeting.

The organiser is under no obligation to refund the pre-payment if a research institute cancels its participation after having paid the registration fee pre-payment.

A detailed financial report is to be made and presented at the following Annual Conference of the Delegates.

Organisers are not allowed to make a profit from sports meetings. If a surplus from participants' contributions remains at the end of a sports meeting, this money may be paid to ASCERI. It is not permitted to pay the surplus, or part of it, to the organisers.

If a surplus from sponsorship by the host centre or its sports association remains at the end of a sports meeting, this money will not be returned to ASCERI but to the host centre or its sports association.

Where there is a disagreement a decision will be taken at the following Annual Conference.

A 4.2 Financing ASCERI Running Costs

Membership Fee

Each member of the ASCERI is required to pay an annual membership fee.

This membership fee must be paid within the first half of the year after receipt of the invoice. Any bank charges for remittance are to be paid by the members.

If the membership fee is not paid despite being reminded twice, the member can be excluded from the Association (see section A 7.2 b).

Sports Meetings

The organiser of a sports meeting is required to pay a fee to ASCERI for each participant by way of contribution towards ASCERI running costs. The fee is currently €3 per participant.

A 4.3 Fees

The membership fees are fixed at an Annual Conference and are subject to indexing every 3 years on the rotation of the President and Management Board.

No. of members

Fee €

No. of members

Fee €

< 50


< 1000


< 100


< 1500


< 250


< 2000


< 500


> 2000



A 4.4 Expenses

The work of the ASCERI Management Board is honorary. Any expenses incurred, which cannot be repaid by the member's own institute, may be repaid by ASCERI on the production of appropriate evidence.

The President's expenses in connection with attendance at a sports meeting may be refunded by ASCERI on request and after agreement by the Management Board.

A 4.5 Financial Experts' Committee

The financial experts' committee is composed of at least one delegate (except Board members). It rotates every three years, in line with the President election. Its role is to control the accounts presented by the Treasurer and to provide feedback at the Annual Conference. His/ Her presence is requested at the Annual Conference.