The role of the ASCERI Management Board is to work on behalf of the member institutes to further the aim of ASCERI as set out in the Preamble.

The ASCERI Management Board is charged with:

  1. the promotion, organisation and co-operation between the sporting communities of the European research institutes.
  2. making proposals to, and executing the requests of the ASCERI Delegates agreed upon at the Annual Conference.
  3. the efficient and effective running of the Association on behalf of its member associations.
  4. proposing and producing documents for the promotion of ASCERI.

The ASCERI Management Board is currently composed of 8 members: President, Vice President, Treasurer and 5 Executive Board Members.

The ASCERI Management Board meets once per year immediately before an Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates. Additional meetings may be held if the need arises.

Decisions on issues raised during these meetings are agreed upon by a simple majority. Decisions can also be made by written procedure.

The ASCERI Management Board may invite experts to its meetings to discuss or advise on specific topics. Invited participants do not have voting rights.

A 3.1 President

The President is responsible for:

  1. Promoting ASCERI to research institutes not already affiliated to the Association.
  2. Promoting sports meetings between the European research Institutes and any other interested communities or associations.
  3. Guaranteeing the continuation of ASCERI sports meetings.
  4. The elaboration of tournament rules for the various kinds of sports at the sports meetings in consultation with the relevant Expert Committees.
  5. Organising ASCERI Management Board meetings for which he/she is also the Chair.
  6. Communication with the media

The President or in his/her absence the Vice President, attends sports meetings as representative of ASCERI.

A 3.2 Vice President

The Vice President guarantees permanent support to the President in the carrying out of his/her duties. The allocation of duties of the President and the Vice-President should be made by mutual agreement.

A 3.3 Treasurer

The Treasurer is in charge of the ASCERI financial administration.

The Treasurer provides a report to the Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates of all income and expenditure for the preceding year. The accounts are verified by the Finance Expert Committee prior to presentation to the Delegates at the Annual Conference.

The Treasurer proposes a budget forecast showing the expected income and expenditure for the following year and presents this to the Delegates at the Annual Conference.

A 3.4 Secretary

The Secretary:

  1. Is responsible for the provision of secretarial, clerical and administrative support in the first instance to the President and thereafter to the ASCERI Management Board and Delegates if required.
  2. Takes the minutes at the Annual Conference of ASCERI Delegates. The draft minutes are sent to the Executive Board Members and Delegates and are approved at the next following Annual Conference. Once approved at the Annual Conference and signed by the President, the Secretary distributes the minutes to the Delegates and places them on the ASCERI website.
  3. Maintains the ASCERI archives.
  4. Updates the Vademecum according to decisions taken at the Annual Conference.
  5. Maintains and updates the mailing list of members.
  6. Is responsible for internal and external correspondence.
  7. Is responsible for sending out the notices for the annual membership fees to the Delegates.