Contact person: Belen Montenegro Villacieros

Guide and Rules





Under 40



Over 40





Men and women will be skating in two separate groups.


The races will be organized on the following distances:

  • 2km
  • 10km

Program and schedules


Event will be held rain or shine.

The schedule is weather dependant and the event may be delayed/cancelled due to severe weather conditions.

Technical meeting

The technical meeting for the inline skaters will be organized prior to the race.

General rules

All athletes behave fairly towards the other participants.

Any participant who conducts him or herself in an unsportsmanlike manner or who is offensive in action or language to event officials, other participants, volunteers or spectators must be disqualified.

Wheel sizes (diameter) up to and including 125mm are permitted on all the races.

Please be considerate of your fellow skaters: stay on the right side and allow faster skaters to pass on the left.

The Race Chief Referee has the responsibility of observing the start of the race. All participants must be at the start line at the appointed time for instructions and the start of the race. The commands of the start shall be decided by the referee.

Participants must comply with all the event rules, instructions and guidelines. A participant shall retire from the race if ordered to do so by a member of the medical staff or if required to do so by the referee.

Time keeping

Time is measured with active transponder chips(TBD)

Or manual

Start number

Start numbers will be redistributed before starting of the race.

Start numbers must be worn in accordance with the instructions of the organizers. As a rule, the number should be worn on the thigh. The side it is worn on (left/right) is not relevant.

Your official participant race number (bib) must be fully visible at all times.

Protective equipment

Helmets are mandatory at all the events. Wearing other protective equipment (for knees, elbows, hands) is recommended.