Mountain bike



Sports hall Dessel surroundings


Sunday at +/- 9h00


See Vademecum


  • 30 km race
  • 10 laps (+/- 3 km/lap)
  • Surface: Forest with 100% sand (no mud, even after lots of rain)
  • 50% single track (Plenty of opportunity to overtake)

!! There will be possibility to rent a good quality mountain bike !!







Message from the organising committee

Dear Biker, Cyclist

As organisers of both road race and mountain bike race we offer ....

For the road race we found a really nice track in Lommel, close to the "Atomiade" village in Mol.
It's a 7,4 km loop, in this loop you can find 2 bridges and a number of roundabouts ... but also some stretches where you can find some time to recuperate.
95% of the track has a new smooth rolling concrete top layer ... the remaining 5% is even better rolling asphalt.

The mountain bike track is pure fun ... it can be found next to the volley-ball and football locations of 2015 Atomiade.
This means, we will be in the middle of the action, with lots of supporters close by.
The track is a 100% off-road +/- 4 km forest loop ... with some extremely nice single tracks, a few more technical parts ... but also plenty of opportunities to overtake.
"Porous & sandy" is how we can describe the track surface ... which means hardly any mud, even after severe rain.

We're also aware that bringing your own bike is not always easy, especially when travelling by plane ... 2 bikes is even more difficult.
To tackle this problem we offer the opportunity to hire good quality mountain bikes for the race on Sunday.
So if you're planning to participate in the road race, but was planning on forfaiting for the mountain bike race because you can only bring one bike.
Just fill the hiring form with your details and get yourself in the Sunday race as well to get the most out of your weekend.

We hope to see you all in great numbers.

The COPAS/IRMM Cycling Team



Mountain Bike 2015