We selected Varese best hotels, negotiated a special rate and pre-booked on your behalf.

The undernoted accommodation options are available (all in double rooms except where indicated):

  • ATA Hotel Varese 400 (near to social event tent)
  • IBIS┬áStyle┬áHotel Varese 100 (near to volleyball )
  • CITY Hotel Varese 60 + 5 single rooms
  • HOTEL CAPOLAGO Varese 120 (near to small field soccer pitches)
  • LE ROBINIE Golf Club 100 (single rooms available)
  • PALACE HOTEL 100 (single rooms available)
  • Hotel Villa Borghi
  • Centro Convegni Villa Cagnola

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The prices include tourist tax.

The deadline for reserving your accommodation is 31 January.